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User Designating
Professional Information
Latest Trend, New Technology, News, Investment Information, etc. We can receive the professional information necessary only for our team through filtering
Team Finding
Startup vs Accelerator
Do you need new members?
Are you looking for the place to invest?
Don't you need a consulting for the project?
We provide the recommendation service of personal connection
Various service interworking Available for various services and interconnection such as various Service Interconnection
Facebook/Drop Box/Google Drive/Google Calendar
Best collaboration tools
for team projects
Provide smooth feed preparation and receiving functions with various shortcut keys such as Best Joint Work Tool Team Project
@(Tag), #(Project Setting), ##(Schedule Setting). Available to use Drop Box/Google Drive!
Business Support Action Are you a startup or an accelerator?
Here is the optimized system to manage a company or a startup that I apply for.
Available to look at the application details at one glance and easy to look and receive for startups
Performance Management
Monitoring System Included
Are you an investor?
It is possible to identify the performances of startups you have invested through the monitoring system at one glance and to warn them with one button
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